Open to work in Montréal, or remotely




Senior Product Designer

  • Led the conceptualisation & design implementation of a brand new product, orchestrating the journey from initial research to market release, including seamless integrations within a comprehensive suite of SaaS products. View Case Study

  • Collaborated with other members of the design team on the implementation of a new organizational design system, leveraging expertise in both design and frontend skills, to accelerate the rollout of products within a fiscal year. View Case Study

  • Conceptualized and designed advanced generative AI features for an existing platform, targeting software and QA professionals, significantly boosting user engagement. View Case Study

  • Overhauled the user experience on a major product offering, streamlining daily workflows and resulting in higher user engagement. View Case Study

  • Led growth initiatives, notably enhancing the onboarding experience to quintuple user retention from 4% to 25%. View Case Study

  • Collaborated closely with the executive team to articulate and promote the company's philosophy and products to external audiences through compelling visual storytelling.

JM Financial

Team Lead - Design

  • Supervised and recruited a diverse team of 5-7 designers, fostering growth across various levels of expertise, from interns to seasoned midweight designers.

  • Developed automation processes for routine design tasks harnessing frontend skills with React & nodeJS, slashing turnaround times from three days to under one hour.

  • Spearheaded the conceptualisation of new financial products and platforms, collaborating with international teams on customer-facing and internal tools, contributing to the digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Oversaw and contributed to the creation of a wide array of visual & motion designs for digital and print media.

UI/UX Designer

  • Revolutionized product designs to support device-agnostic, responsive user experiences, transitioning from desktop-centric models.

  • Coached interns through the complete UX design process, enhancing the internal CRM tool's usability and reducing training time for new team members.


Visual Design Intern

  • Collaborated with international teams to design a desktop tool included with consumer hardware products, adhering to established design guidelines.

  • Delivered design specifications and assets for computer graphics configuration software.


Bachelor’s in Design

Major in User Experience (UX) Design


Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, India


UXDesign SystemsWCAG AccessibilityInformation ArchitectureFigmaAfterEffectsIllustratorAR/VRMotion Graphics3D ModellingVisual DesignUser Research



Native/Full Proficiency


Advanced Proficiency